I am Pro-Life

I believe that LGBTQ lives have irreplaceable value. That this part of their identity is NOT a lifestyle or choice. But that it is how they were knit together as image bearers. I will fight for my brothers and sisters rights and lives. I believe that racism is alive and well and ingrained, we (white people) … Continue reading I am Pro-Life


Church, Leaving, Wandering…

I've read a lot of thought pieces recently on why young adults are leaving the institutional church. Often millennials are blamed (as is the case for most things these days, but that's another blog.. another day). Those in the church keep asking "Why?", keep pontificating about it. Keep wondering what's wrong with these people leaving? Where … Continue reading Church, Leaving, Wandering…

Invited but not welcome?

"Invited but not welcome." Isabel Wilkerson spoke these words on a recent podcast . She was speaking of the migration of African Americans from the South to cities across the country. Her book The Warmth of Other Suns is on my to read list, 'cause we all need some historical context in our lives. When … Continue reading Invited but not welcome?

They’re Just Words..

Words are important. Sacred. Holy. In music, poems, books, spoken word, Facebook statuses, Twitter feeds.. presidential elections. Words mean something. They can show the truest parts of our soul. You can go a multitude of ways with your words. You can fuel hate and division. You can promote peace and understanding. You can advocate. You … Continue reading They’re Just Words..