Good News?

The amount of sorrow, pain, and suffering these days. It threatens to silence me. Tries to back me into a corner. But I refuse (persist?). I refuse to allow the fear to barricade me in a tomb of silence. I’ll allow my anger, my disgust, my anxiety the space it requires. Because if I go quiet. I become a shell. A shell of a woman with no voice. And if too many people go quiet. All we’ll have are shells, just biding our time. We’ll go back to polite conversation that keeps the “peace”. Polite conversation that masks the violence that simmers under the surface; the terror playing on in the background behind the privileged majority of shells. So I’ll keep going. And I pray as I go that my voice will be provocative, perhaps even prophetic. I listen to this little voice in me that keeps pushing. Keeps trying to get out. And I know that the voice is not mine, but the Holy Spirit, nudging me forward. Keeping me immersed in voices of the marginalized, allowing me to feel the pain of those on the fringes. Knowing that Jesus is breathing there. I follow. Hungry for the justice that Christ brings. Anticipating and working towards the good news he embodies. Pleading for others to hear. To know. To wake the hell up. Because in just this week, there has been horror. There has been hell. And there has been silence.

Jordan Edwards. A young black boy killed at the hands of police. A soul taken because of lack of accountability and education of law enforcement. Police Brutality. Fired but not arrested.  (I walk this back. The officer has been charged with murder.)

Gay men being tortured and killed in in Russia. All the while the church in this country works to discriminate against LGBTQ image bearers.  Debating: are they worthy of salvation, of belonging in the body of Christ? As if they are just an issue and not living breathing human beings. 

White men in power celebrating being one step closer to cutting off health care to the least of these.

The silence is deafening. It’s almost as if the Church endorses this.

So if you are a part of the Church and you are teetering on the edge of silence or using your voice. Use it. The time has been here for so fucking long to speak up. This was just one week. Injustice has been crippling minorities and marginalized peoples for years and years and years. We need to listen to women of color who are the pioneers, who keep showing up. We need to learn from them. We need to listen to LGBTQ voices crying out from the margins. If we believe the Good News of Jesus. We need to bring the good news in real, tangible ways. The church has been hijacked by a pseudo-church that glorifies in the exploitation of the vulnerable. It’s time to reclaim it. Get loud. Take the risk.


If it’s not good news for the marginalized, neglected, and impoverished, then it’s not the gospel of Jesus Christ. ~Broderick Greer 


Let’s not retreat into our shells. Peace making and justice seeking is messy, it’s difficult. We won’t always do it right. I know I sure haven’t, I’m constantly learning. Constantly humbled. We may not be the ones to see the fruits of our work, or of the movements living now. But if we keep on trying, keep on moving forward, keep on listening and then speaking? Fumbling through this life of justice work. We will experience freedom. The freedom of truly loving allows us to know how loved we ourselves are. We belong to each other.





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