I am Pro-Life

I believe that LGBTQ lives have irreplaceable value. That this part of their identity is NOT a lifestyle or choice. But that it is how they were knit together as image bearers. I will fight for my brothers and sisters rights and lives.

I believe that racism is alive and well and ingrained, we (white people) all have played a part and still play a part. Systemic, Institutional and personal. I will fight for my brothers and sisters lives. And work to continue to understand.

I believe Refugee and Immigrant lives are sacred and hold value. We are a stronger nation, world with them.. not without. I will fight for my brothers and sisters lives, worth and dignity.

I believe that women hold the same value as men. That their voices are vital to a healthy country. That their dignity, purpose and beauty should be held high. That their rights and lives are of equal importance and value to those of their male counterparts.

I believe that we should care for the earth. We are its stewards. We need to protect it and love it. Lives are in the balance, beauty is in the balance.

I believe in safety-net policies and programs for those living in poverty, those who have fallen on hard times, those who don’t have  boot straps to pull themselves up with.

I believe in health care as a right for all. And that health care is integral to a healthy, thriving nation… world.

I believe in a strong Education system. Public education. And that more money needs to be allocated to it to empower our children and better our nation.

I believe that peoples of all religions are of equal value. We should value our neighbor, love our neighbor, fight for our neighbor no matter if they are Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, etc.. Love. Accept. Care for. Hold to high and equal value.

I believe that all human beings in our country, in all countries, all over the world have intrinsic worth and value. We should uphold the dignity and lives of all. We should fight for each other and against hate and fear.


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