These are NOT Normal Times

I’ve been trying to write something here this whole week. And still, I’m not sure what it is I’m trying to say. So bear with me as I type it out.

I’m heartbroken. I’m angry. I’m anxious.

Should I not be these things? Maybe. Maybe I should suck it up and try to find the “Christian” response to this mess of a world. The hope, the joy. But you know what? I’m thinking that maybe this IS the Christian response to our current state. Maybe anger is just what is needed. A holy fire of anger, protesting the very unholy orders from our President. Being soft enough to be heartbroken; tuned in to the pain, the suffering. Anxiety because we’re paying attention.. and that is where action starts.

Yes. That’s it. Heartbreak. Anger. Anxiety. In some weird way this gives me hope. If enough of us are feeling this way that means the majority of our country is WOKE. We are not just walking zombies biding our time till our Lord comes. We know that our strength is in our diversity, in our inclusiveness, in our care of the least of these, the strangers. We aren’t just taking the easy way out- apathy. We are fighting. We are standing up. We are here.

This is scary and convicting terrain. Maybe we’ve been living in denial and in too much comfort. The church in America has been able to just say things from afar without having to actually get dirty. We have been able to preach the gospel without having to step out and DO the gospel. We have been able to say “we’re being persecuted!!” while living in privilege. We have been able to preach at or shake our head sadly at the plight of the Immigrant, Refugee, LGBTQ, Person of Color, different religion without stepping into their lives to understand them and let the Holy Spirit change US. And now we have a choice. We can either stay in our comfort zone of damning and preaching at the world or we can get to work in the world.

Today lives have been changed. Families are living in fear. In our country, in airports around the world, in refugee camps. Dreams have been shattered, lives put on hold. Our government made a decision to ban a religion. To ban people who have only known pain and suffering and have already been extensively vetted. All in the name of safety. But what I see is a government run by fear, nationalism, and patriarchal, christian, white supremacy.

Church, it’s time to engage.

These are not normal times. These are not normal times. These are not normal times.

Rise Up.

Here are a few links of how you can do this, though there are more ways than this:

Donate to the ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union

3 things you can do:  World Relief

Write, call, visit your representatives: how to contact elected-officials


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