Can You Feel It?


I’ll be honest in saying I have had terror creep in on me. Wept as I have heard words of God spoken in ways that don’t ring true or right. As I have tried to comprehend things that make my head spin and heart ache. But I’m sensing something- the pains of something being birthed. Something the power of nationalism, money, and white supremacy can’t touch.

Can you feel it?

Holy Spirit.

Rustling. Breathing. Reaching.

In rising, prophetic voices of people of color and empowered women. Visible in the inclusive, knowing eyes of our children. Alive in our empathy-filled, growing millennials. The Spirit is leading as marginalized voices unite and demand to be heard. The Spirit is among us, calling us. We’re rising up, burning. It’s not a movement with pomp and ceremony. Oh but it’s exciting, terrifying as the Spirit whispers through us. Letting go of religious chains that have bound us to an exclusive, damning and silencing rhetoric. Allowing the flame of the Spirit to burn brightly, loudly. How can we be silent? Christ is near. He’s on the margins, calling.


None can stop the Spirit, 

burning now inside us.

We will shape the future

We will not be silent!




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