Violence Through Silence

(This is re-posted from my original blog)

I’m going to say upfront that I don’t know all. I have a limited understanding of all of everything. I can’t speak for everyone. I don’t try to speak for everyone. I could be completely wrong. So, Instead I speak for me. And I speak because in my limited understanding and in my worldview there is a need. I speak for those that I have listened to time and again. I speak for my family who is closely affected. I speak for friends who are closely affected. And I speak because of my faith.

Orlando. 49 lgbtq human beings were murdered. 49 souls were taken. 49 lives ended in violence because of their sexual orientation.

I could go multiple ways with this. But I’m going to focus on a certain avenue that is making me especially shakey and scared and uncertain and angry. How Christians are responding. Or not responding. I know I have those who don’t agree with me. I know there is a call for silence and mourning and allowing time. I can’t do that. Every fiber of my being screams NO. We’ve been silent. We’ve given time. For. Too. Long. All our LGBTQ family has heard is silence from the majority of Christian Institutions. And that silence is deafening. And where there isn’t silence there is rhetoric “love the sinner, hate the sin.”

Violence through words. Violence through silence.

I come from the Mennonite faith tradition. I still hold to it even though I don’t attend a church. I hold to my Savior in Christ. I hold to peacemaking, non-violence. I hold to simplicity. I hold to social justice. I hold to what I grew up in as a child, teen, young adult. However the one thing that has become clear to me and I can not be a part of is the passive aggressive violence of the church (this covers more then the Mennonite church) The literal and the unspoken shunning of people groups. The act of violence in carefully chosen words or carefully chosen “holding of space”.. Silence. I’ve become painfully aware of what those words and what that silence does to a group of souls whom are loved and made in the image of our God.

Our LGBTQ brothers, sisters, cousins, dads, moms, children, neighbors are scared. Are exhausted. Are living bravely as they have been uniquely created. I stand with them. I speak as an ally.

I want to end this by offering some links to LGBTQ voices that need to be listened to.

There are many more. Many. Keep listening.


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