So. Here we are. A day after the hoods came off. Bare faces of evil exposed. Hate, death, chaos their goals. White people. You're late. I'm late. We should have known. How? We should have listened. We should have elevated, taken to heart, and acted on what people of color have been saying. We must... Continue Reading →


Things, things, things…

Thought I'd give an overview of my summer reading and listening lists in case you are in need of a new book, view point, or song. Bookity book books: An Introduction to Womanist Biblical Interpretation by Nyasha Junior- Eye opening, learning from a perspective of the world that is very different then my own.  ... Continue Reading →

Make America Great Again

The American dream. Built on prosperity gospel. Built by first blotting out native lives, dignity. Built by slaves. Fear feeding tribal rage. Nationalism. Fear of the "other". We will preach the dangers of the world, the dangers to our country: Our guns being taken away, God being taken out of schools, out of the government,... Continue Reading →

Love and Liberation

I have a hard time putting into words what I'm thinking about these days. I've gone inward mostly with my dialogue. Which isn't all bad. It's good to check yourself without a public audience. However, I know we need to continue the dialogue in the greater world as well. And that dialogue is one of... Continue Reading →

Good News?

The amount of sorrow, pain, and suffering these days. It threatens to silence me. Tries to back me into a corner. But I refuse (persist?). I refuse to allow the fear to barricade me in a tomb of silence. I'll allow my anger, my disgust, my anxiety the space it requires. Because if I go quiet. I... Continue Reading →

A Call to Rise

Why not? Why not use our voices? Why not rise up; called by the Holy Spirit? Wake up! Wake Up, Deborah! Arise, Barak! Why not use our gifts to make peace? Why not stir up hope for the bone weary? Why not acknowledge our shared and collective pain? Why not bring healing through our stories? Why not share our resurrections?... Continue Reading →

You are a Warrior, Woman.

~ "Yes, in Jesus, God was once a man. But also? In Jesus, God was once a baby—a baby who nestled in a woman’s womb, a baby whose life depended on a woman for nourishment, a baby who fell asleep on a woman’s chest, a baby whose first word could very well have been, "mama." ~Rachel... Continue Reading →

Religion and Politics

Politics and religion. Can they occupy the same air? I believe they can and that they do and that they have to. Intersections, you know? Politics is policy that affects people, and religion is about loving people. When we see a government institution failing, or, even worse, oppressing and marginalizing people groups. We step in and say... Continue Reading →

I am Pro-Life

I believe that LGBTQ lives have irreplaceable value. That this part of their identity is NOT a lifestyle or choice. But that it is how they were knit together as image bearers. I will fight for my brothers and sisters rights and lives. I believe that racism is alive and well and ingrained, we (white people)... Continue Reading →

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